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War Whore
by M.J.Politis

1933---Karen Lubinska, idealistic, dedicated and very-hot-looking American Socialist-Activist/Scientist is framed on charged of murder and treason by an up and coming G-man, Buck White.
1939---Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler sign a non-Aggression Pact, Eastern Europe gobbled up by both of them, Western Europe and Britain about to collapse under the Blitzkrieg. In order to get the goods on both dictators, White makes ‘Commie whore’ Karen an offer she can’t refuse.. She is given quick course in espionage at Camp X, and sent off to Europe to infiltrate Germany as a guest from Stalin’s army of Scientific Advisors, with selected missions including sneaking out scientists to the England, and if he has anything to say about, the US.
1941---Karen is getting the reputation of being the best ‘War Whore’ in White’s ‘stable’ of spies, and given a special assignment---get into bed, literally, with known sexual pervert Adolf Hitler, and get the goods from him about the time for the rumored invasion of Russia. Adolf coughs up the info, but with some unexpected developments. First, she is knocked unconscious while engaged with his excessive sexual perversions, waking up in a very protected German hospital. Second, ‘the Housepainter’ gave her the wrong date for the invasion, making her report of such irrelevant and discredited to her bosses back home. Third, there is a life incubating in her womb---Hitler’s baby.
Through a series of espionage related accidents initiated by some friends, and some enemies, Karen finds herself stranded on the Russian Front as the German Army, the Red Army and Armies of uncertain alliances converge. The price on Karen’s head and the child/’demon seed’ in her womb escalates, her strength diminishes and she becomes increasingly dependent on her ‘protectors’, some assigned by Washington, some by London and some by ‘chance’ encounters with Red Army and Partisan units. The only person who Karen can trust is the child within her womb, the only innocent person in Karen’s life, including herself. And a veteran female Red Army Major with whom she finds herself falling in love. A feeling that (for the moment anyway) the Major with the mysterious and dark past has for her and the child as well.
COMMENT: A woman’s book about the horrors of war, and the Soul-opening opportunities it can present. Enough edge and action for male readers as well. Inside stories about the vast, wild and ever-changing Russian Front. More about the people than the details of the times, but then again, the Russian Front was a very isolating place to be. Special appeal, perhaps, for gay/lesbian market in later part of the book given relationship the protagonist has with another woman as a lover, ally, and betrayer.

You can find this book on Amazon, for alternative arrangements for the first chapter and full reads, please contact the author at mjpolitis@yahoo.com or download the full novel here