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Henry and the Wolf Dr.
(Novel & Screenplay)

An 'All Creatures Great and Small'-like veterinary drama/comedy set in the modern-day Canadian West with a multicultural theme and contemporary edge.  

Doc Henry Steiner is an old, Redneck, saw-bones veterinarian with mysterious past.  Into his one-person, overworked, Backwater practice traipses a young First Nations woman (Roberta Collineuer, Ph.D., D.V.M.) who is fresh out of Vet School, scientifically talented and tied to her cultural roots into working in his backwater practice.   The volatile person, political and cultural mismatch is held together by pioneer grit, compassion for animals and a need for both to redeem family wrongs never shared with friends or colleagues. 
The setting is Knife Bend, Alberta, a town full of 21st Century pioneers and colorful eccentrics, whose town is about to be 'Aspenized' by an Eastern-based Multinational Corporation.  The Corporation is led by a suave and clever Veterinarian lawyer with a personal score to settle with 'Old Doc Henry', and a newly-discovered obsession to acquire the new Native 'Wolf Doctor' as his own personal 'squaw'. 

In advanced development as Television Movie, series pilot.  
Comment:  A favorite 'edgy' mainstream novel which attracts women and men who fancy themselves rugged individualists.  Also a favorite of animal lovers.   A bit hit with those in the health care or other healing professions as well.   Relates to expatiates who have left civilization, and those in cities who want to leave.