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The Suit

 Stageplay, one act. (60 min)

 Gary, middle aged 'average Joe' Canadian who always underachieved in life, is on his way to the alter.   He is assigned by his 'Immortal Beloved' (who he never calls by name, for his own inner reasons) to get fitted for a suit by Gustav, expatriate middle aged artsy German tailor with a very high IQ and an elitist cultural opinion about his home culture to match it.    Gary is uneasy about the wedding, and unsure about the sanity of the tailor who insists on finding the RIGHT suit to match Gary's inner soul.   Gustav has his own problems, in the form of Elaine, a 22 going on 45 year old 'stable' mainstream Canadian woman who wants Gustav settle down to a non-artistic life with her and her kids.  Pulling Gustav in the other direction, forty-something Wanda, gypsy-like former co-adventurous in Germany who begs Gustav to come back home to Germany to make another go of it as an actor, writer and director with her.  Gustav declines invitations from both women, not telling either of them why, but it is about more than Gustav having failed as an artist before in home country yet refusing to give up on his dreams by settling into a 9 to 5 "commoner's" life in Canada.    Throughout it all, Gustav and Gary share stories about themselves, life and death as well as issues metaphysical, which Gary avoids talking about. 

Meanwhile, sparks of love and lust go back and forth between Gary and Gustav's two women, and between the two women themselves.   Time clock ticks down to Gary's meeting his bride at the alter, and finding the right suit to do it in.  Finally, he readies himself on the inside with courage, and the outside with the right suit for his eternal merging with his Beloved.   That Beloved is not a woman, but someone and something beyond both men an women---God.   Gustav sends Gary on his way to the alter of death, or rather 'transition', still not informing his two women about his secret and important job of preparing them for that Passage.      

Demographic:  Mostly for male audience, but also for women who want to really find out how men think, and feel.   Some crude language and suggestively explicit love scenes.