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The Telenkovian Experiment
(Novel and Screenplay)

Historically-based contemporary and historical medical thriller with a humanistic twist, and black-comedic tone. 

WHAT IF.your isolated, highly traditional and colorfully-dysfunctional Ukrainian village was invaded by Stalin's Red Army in 1930?

WHAT IF.they took away ALL your food just before winter was coming on?

WHAT IF.your children were starving and your town became a labor camp?

WHAT IF...you accidently killed one of your Bolshevik guard and had to dispose of the body?

WHAT IF.you wanted to stay moral, alive and decided to kill the most evil ones first, and dispose of the evidence in a very practical way to feed your bellies?

WHAT IF.the courtroom was the town gypsy-whore's brothel and the jurors were solid citizens who had private fantasies/dreams of their own?

WHAT IF.the experiment went too right, then went very wrong, and you 'disposed of' the wrong guy, perpetuating a series of medical-political cover-ups that led to a silent epidemic threatening to decimate contemporary Russia AND its former enemies?


WHAT IF.the fate of the world lay in the hands of

   -the last Ukrainian survivor of the 'experiment', a clairvoyant, human and very mad psych patient

   -a young, idealistic renegade Russian scientist

   -a jaded, self-absorbed American biochemist who is a Nobel Prize candidate

   -a well-armed detachment of troops with secret orders to kill the aforementioned individuals AND the real story about what happened in the village of Telenkov in the fateful, colorful and humanly-comedic winter of 1930?

WHAT IF.it is all connected by a resurgence of Mad Cow Disease in contemporary Russia from a virus that has been 'sleeping' since 1931, incubating in millions of cows and potentially able to kill millions of people.unless the survivor of the Telenkovian Experiment of 1930/31 can convince a dis-interested American scientist to understand his struggles, tell them to the world, and find a cure by using selected part of his body in ways modern science has yet to discover?

Comment:  A top line favorite of most male readers, particularly those who enjoy intricate plot lines and intense characters.   First chapter reads a bit 'mainstream' but once into the narrative of the main character (Boris), the intensity of the struggles, historical times and very human humor grabs the reader.    A big hit with professionals in the healing arts, sciences and other intellect-related fields. 

Funded by SaskFILM.