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Singing for the Boss
by M.J.Politis 

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A brilliant, reserved shrink (Sidney Edelman, Ph.D., M.D.) dealing with mid crisis (dull out virus) and very visible demons he can see encounters a colorfully free-spirited ‘tall-tale’ telling ever-singing female psych patient (Monika Korinski) who finds a way to wake up his slumbering, guilt-ridden Soul, and who also claims that Bruce Springstein is on his way to ‘spring’ her from the ward and take her and her daughters on tour with him.
The obstacles standing in the way of Sidney letting Monika out and go on tour with ‘the Boss’ include, firstly, a research competator (very proper, manipulative and secretly very sadistic Dr. Patel) who wants to shit Sidney’s innovative ‘anti-dull out’ research work down, and lock him up in his own psych facility. Secondly, Monika’s husband, a suave and slick lawyer who knows who to pay off and what to say so that his wife remains inside the ward, thus allowing him to keep her money and her most prized possession, her two daughters, one of whom he is secretly abusing. Thirdly, Sidney’s own biomedical judgement, which wavers between recognizing that ‘crazy songstress’ Monika is either the Sanest, most talented person he ever met or that she is living in her own delusional fantasy, making herself dangerous to herself, others and himself if released. 

Comment: Comedo-dramatic love story. ‘Cookoo’s Nest’ for romantics, and cynics.

Script available upon request.