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Scared Shitless Inc.

'SSI, Inc' brings young offenders into staged crimes where said offenders become the victims in order to show them the pain of being on the receiving end of cruelty.  The organization, known only to insiders in the Police and Justice Department, is run by Nick Dimitropolis, a highly un-orthodox ex-Cop who still has some (but not many) trusted friends inside the Force.  Something goes wrong when one of the actors hired by SSI takes his role too seriously, turning a safely-staged 'date rape' into a real life kidnapping of a teenaged 'problem child'.
The problem child in question is Elaine, daughter of a widowed Mafia wife (Rayana) who decided to go Fundamental Christian as well as 'straight'.  Rayana's new hubby os a high-profile, super-moral, well-liked Evangelist who, behind the pulpit, is more cruel and crooked than any Mafia dud (or dude) Rayana ever met, a claim made by 'problem child' Elaine which Rayana does not believe and which cannot be proven.
Meanwhile, mob-hating Nick and former Mafia-Princess Raynata must learn to put their differences aside to get Rayana home safely from the actor-gone-made Nick had hired to 'kidnap' her.   Standing in their way is (a) a police department that wants Nick's ass in jail, (b) a progressively-demented kidnapper whose fantasies about being a 'cool criminal actor' become deadlier by the moment, and (c) Rayana's Evangelic husband, whose criminal activities will be found out if Rayana is found by Nick and her mother before he can shut her up for good.

Comment:  Comedic story that becomes a 'for-keeps' tale with exposed hearts and life-and-death agendas.