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Stageplay, 3 acts. 

Cassandra Dmitrotich, introverted, love-starved divorcee trying to make ends meet in her independent bookstore seeks and finally finds a life mate on line, correspondences with such splitting her very quickly from her money, her family, her friends and her true Life-giving self.   Trying to keep Cassandra from slipping futher into her fantasies and irreversible financial debt with the on line love interest who promises to show up but never does are

---Professor' Elliott, a middle aged 'mench next door' geeky, over-intellectualized failed writer whose love for Cassandra is never felt, nor acknowledged,

---Curtis, hot-looking, slow-witted, fetal alcohol syndrome/bipolar stud foster kid who is in trouble with the law, but whose a whiz with computers.

---Adrianna, Cassandra's once highly-rebellious biological daughter who made something of herself, despite the horrible father she had with a cruel and manipulative father who catalyzed the corruption and suicide of her biological brother.

---Lorne, dreamboat RCMP officer with a secret past, who takes it upon himself to look after Cassandra in the real world as she continues to look for love on line.