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Leroy and the Roach

Mediocra is a planet ruled by intimidation, made possible by being populated nearly exclusively by 'yes men' who are obedient to their masters, and boring on their own, unable to activate their sexual organs, even when survival of their species depends on it.  The Master Intimator's plan---spread a potent saltpeter everywhere in the universe to make every other life form as dull and lifeless as the Mediocrans.  But something went wrong.the deliver of the potent Dull-Out drug was lost, somewhere off Coney Island in New York. 

Grim and Dral, two misfit, troll-like height challenged Medicrans are given the mission to retrieve the toxin. But they are more mischievous than their bosses think they are, and another life form climbs on board before the spacecraft departs.  It is a Myra, a terribly Upper Crust English life form who is very sexually repressed herself.  She has taken on the form of a cockroach, with specific orders to meet her contact once the craft lands.

  The talking Roach finds her way through the Rapid Transit system in the Big Crab Apple with no problem and without being noticed.  She finds her assigned co-worker.Leroy, a down-on-himself underachieving Black dude who has lost confidence in himself, but still dreams about getting a hot babe and a respectable job where he can teach kids to be everything they can be.  Leroy doesn't believe the talking Roach till she grants him three wishes. The first one he asks for is a candy bar, the second for his TV to stop getting snow on its screen, the third for a dynamite pick up line that he can use to pick up women. 

Out of wishes, but still in need of doing something significant, Myrna and Leroy work together to locate and retrieve the cargo of Dull-Out toxin, made harder by trying to stay one step ahead of Grim and Dral.   While in pursuit of the deadly cargo that turns even the most hip and expressive rapper into a Swiss polka dancer who just wants to sit at home and eat yogurt, an interspecies romance emerges between Leroy and Myrna.  She claims that one day she may be able to show Leroy her real form, if their love is strong enough. 

Meanwhile, Grim and Dral go unnoticed as weird in NY, the town that accepts all kinds of differences and variations in people.  They become less enthusiastic about their mission, nearly quitting, then working together with Leroy and Myna to destroy it.

Then---the Intimidator General from Mediocra arrives in Central Park, going completely un-noticed on Halloween.  The only way to save Earth from invasion by the Mediocrans is for Leroy to pose as an Earthling  Master General, challenging his Mediocran counterpart to a contest---winner take all.   The duel chosen is a footrace, bringing back memories Leroy had as a wannabe athlete who never succeeded because he didn't believe in himself. 

Facing his fears, working the Grim and Dral, encouraged by his Roach lady, Myrna, Leroy races against the Intimidator General, winning the contest.  The spaceship leaves, Mediocra obliged to never invade Earth or anyone else, Grim and Dral remaining behind to make a go of it on their new home planet.  But, alas, Myrna has to leave, walking into the sunset on her 6 shapely insect legs, tears running down her antennae and Leroy's face.

Leroy turns his life around, reading and writing novels rather than just gazing at comic books.  Enter into his bathtub a cockroach with whom he starts a conversation.  Then from behind him, a familiar voice, expressing her love for and pride in Leroy.  It's Myrna, now in her natural form.an ugly woman by the standards of her planet, a beautiful one by measure of planet Earth, and the turned-around-underachiever's heart.