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Ghost Agent
by M.J.Politis

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 A kind-hearted, prolific, 'hundred years behind yet a thousand years ahead', severely-ignored, very-male writer (Frank Johnson) who is a self-destructive marketer, fakes his own death to collect insurance money and a new identity.   He wakes up on the surgery table of the plastic surgeon (his ex-wife Jennifer) without his Johnson, or what he thought are his legally 'inherited' Jacksons and Benjamins.   Frank finds himself in a face AND body which is irreversibly female.  'Frankie' is also broke, Jennifer using her legal prowess to keep the money for herself, keeping her debt-incurring ex-husband on a stipend enough to stay alive, as long as she/he doesn't keep chasing the impossible dream of changing the world through his/her art.  But Frankie legally owns Frank's works, and is armed with the determination to put the 'departed writer's' work into production.

Frank(ie) learns to put his new body into action, using his/her feminine charms and male tenacity into action, becoming a Mastress in the marketplace with the aid of 'tricks' read in books, and a burning hatred for those who oppressed him in the past.  Things get complicated when Frankie, drunk with power, loses connection with the real message in Frank's writing.   Jennifer wants in on the economic action then finds herself wanting in artistic aspect of things as well, somehow finding herself in love with Frank within Frankie.  

Update April 28/06
This work is currently being reviewed as script by head of acquisitions at Global TV in Toronto.