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Dreamboat Realities
by M.J.Politis 

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Rich Morata is a talented cartoonist and portrait painter who is earning a living slapping paint on walls, mostly in places where ‘hip, cool and in-the-loop’ Yuppie scum sip their cappuccinos. He is a struggling artist who has been rejected for so long that he is demoted to being ignored, as a painter and a person. He has no effect in the world no matter what he does or tries to do. While driving to his one-person ‘hole in the wall’ home one day, he nearly hits a baby abandoned on the road. At great risk to himself, he avoids hitting the baby, finding that it is a doll. “Make a wish and it will happen” it says on the back. He wishes to be in a universe where he can do whatever he wants, with someone to share it with. The wish is granted when he meets Luna, hair down to her waist ‘hippie maiden’ with a warm smile and generous heart. Rich and Luna live in their own universe, literally. A time warp where they can do whatever they want and not be stopped by anyone. He can rob banks, spill coffee on Yuppie scum’s Dockers, and even paint his own satirical cartoons on the Starbuck’s walls. The only problem---no one will ever notice what he does artistically in this world. Rich has to decide whether he lives happily with the very lonely and deserving Luna, or go back to the trenches in the ‘real’ world to keep trying to make a difference, and leave his mark. 

Script available upon request.