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Dawn of Evey
by M.J.Politis 

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Logline:  A rebellious teen is brought back to her home in the rugged interior of British Columbia, discovering secrets about her real genetics, the families who spawned her, and a curse lingering on the multi-cultural town  in which she grew up which she must explain or untwist before another 200 years of agonies afflict the community that seems to be pristine and perfect to the outside world.   Patterned after storyline in Barbee Carleton’s hit young adult novel, ‘The Mystery of the Witches’ Bridge’.  

Story:  Evey Smith, superbright, rebelliously moralistic, self-taught non-linear scientist and under-listened-to 15 year old First Nations-White halfbreed is being brought up in Western Canada by self-absorbed, psuedo-liberal step parents in New York.   She is  brought to her ultimate Destiny by (a) a lightening bolt that makes her forget much of her past then (b) a letter from her home town in British Columbia, Canada from her Uncle Eddy, requesting that she come back to the spacious multi-use Estate/Mini-Community her great-great grandfather founded 150 years ago when he formed a ‘special’ alliance with a colorful and smart Indian chief.  

Outside of some culture shock the fast-paced New York conditioned First Nations girl experiences upon arrival…No problem.   Until Evey re-discovers memories that her father turned from being a peace-loving draft resistor (who went to jail for his beliefs) to becoming a sadistic child and spouse abuser.  That her mother disappeared without notice, in a car ‘accident’.   That her beloved yet  more adventurous than bright younger sister, Renata left a suicide note in the woods on the night she went missing after her father went mad.   And that Uncle Ben, black-as-spades servant to Uncle Eddy, was always around to make things ‘right’, or at least comfortable.   After being greeted on the bus by a kind, collected and annoyingly civil Uncle Ben, Evey encounters a very rich, guilt-ridden, rapidly aging and mentally-unstable hippie Uncle Eddy who did not send for her and does not know who did.  Armed with a naturally inquisitive mind and one which is invade by psychedellic ‘visions’ thanks to the lightening that struck her back in NY, and something she senses is in the air, water or food around her, Evey sees more than she wants to.

There are indeed  colorful and potentially dangerous characters in the town a built around ‘Smithburg’, the estate built around the trading post established by Jack Smith back in the 1860s, which was everything from an opera house, hospital, tourist resort and mining camp, each of its financially-successful owners having died insane, violently, or both.    There is Mayor Stony Buena, washed out and now mostly-stoned, always smiling, former rock star who still thinks that ‘all you need is love’.   Constaple Wilson is the town Cop, adamently against the weed-oriented culture that dominates the town and the Rez next to it, who is very concerned about Evey’s welfare and sanity.   Leonie Cloud, crooked Mafia don who runs all the legal and illegal affairs on the Rez.   Leonie is a descendent (and according to her pictures, an incarnation of) Chief Grey Cloud, the clever Indian Chief who made the first deal with the Whites that allowed the Abolishionist-anti-slavery New York based Smiths to establish a colony in Canada that made them rich, with the help of black servants, the ‘Browns’, who were always smarter, saner and poorer than their white ‘partners’.    Billy Cloud, Leonie’s crazy brother who claims to be Evey’s real biological father, and whose body is becoming more female by the day for reasons Leonie will not reveal.

Evey is followed by ghosts, some of them birds that talk, and one of them very human, her dead sister Renata, who may be hiding out in the woods, or merely in Evey’s progressively expanded imagination.  An imagination that could get Evey locked up, or killed, if she talks about it too much.  

But some things are very real, and of THIS world, including a hidden cabin on the Rez which houses biologically-altering drugs which were, and perhaps still are, being used on the White and Indian populations in and around Smithburg, under orders from the US Army, having been administered by Uncle Eddy and continued by others for reasons Evey must find out before it is too late for those unassuming victims, or her.   In the end, she figures out that like in Ancient Rome, it is lead in the drinking water delivered only to the wealthy which made the rich people crazy and self-destructive, something that started with Grey Cloud and which was purpetuated by the Browns, while both of them stole what they could from their White ‘partners’/bosses.   It was the lead that drove Uncle Eddy mad, enabling him to used mind and soul altering drugs on his own brother and sister in law and other human guinea pigs in town, including ‘Uncle/Auntie’ Billy.  And it is Uncle Ben, due to a long standing contract that was passed down from one generation to the next, who stands to inherit the now rich town of Smithburg, as soon as he and his US Army-contracted cronie (Constaple Wilson) once Uncle Eddy is dead, and Evey is declared insane, or dead

Script available upon request.