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Colors of Revolution
by M.J.Politis

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One fifth of the combatants in the American Revolution, on BOTH sides, were Afro-American. Even less appreciated is that few really knew who, or what, they were fighting for, 'freedom' providing a very scary dilemma for those who won or fell into it. And as for freedom, the British often promised and provided more of this elusive gift to African Americans than the 'Patriates' did. Colors of Revolution is a fact-based fictional story about three Negroes on a South Carolina Plantation initially bound by friendship, then separated by War. Hector is a headstrong, handsome, strong, semi-literate young 'buck' who loves Athena, highly-educated and cultured 'house nigger' who is her benevalent, intellectual, philanthropic and married White 'Masters' best friend, and only real confident. Hercules, Hector's best friend, is small, homely, always subservient, and kind, with gifts to heal human bodies, and souls, that few appreciate. Life isn't so bad on the plantation until a series of 'accidents' separates the three Afro-Americans, placing them on opposing sides of the war, with constantly conflicting loyalties, each seeking the thing they yearn for and fear most----freedom.

Comment: An epic tale, adventure and romance. Specific demographic not thoroughly studied in marketplace.