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Barker's Bite
M.J. Politis - Writer

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An ex-Confederate Cavalry officer seeks to redeem his less-than-stellar record during the Civil War by stealing a large shipment of Yankee gold in 1868. With his band of mismatched misfits, and some he picks up along the way, Barker high-tails it to Canada to give it to ex-CSA President Jefferson Davis. With that gold he hopes to buy a chunk of Crown land north of the 49th Parallel where the New Confederacy can be formed with all the grace of the Old South, but without the racial and class bigotry. 

Complicating what would seem to be a simple mission is the fact the Barker's daughter is married to a manipulative and sadistic US Army Commandant, Major James 'Justice' Wilson. Wilson is in charge of the gold, held under tight security at a government-sanctioned jail he runs like a Concentration Camp for his own personal gain. Then there is the potential for mutiny amongst Barker's own men once the gold, and the girl whose trust he has to regain, is obtained. And Barker's daughter has been corrupted in ways her long-absent father can never imagine.  Low budget, character-based Western.