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Revolutionary Blues
by M.J.Politis & S. Muller

A Faustian Western set against the backdrop of the 1926 Yaqui Indian revolt in the rugged and mystical Bacatete mountains of Senora, Mexico. For three days, several thousand Yaqui Indians kidnapped the Mexican President, demanding land and liberty promised to them 10 years early in the Revolution. To this day, NO historian knows exactly what happens, who was involved, and why.

Oppressed by the prospect of growing into a manhood of comfortable mediocrity, Charlie O-Brien, a restless, idealistic, American expatriate, made a deal with British Industrialist Lord Wentworth for money, education and power to save the world. Charlie instantly became a world-famous scientist, politician and revolutionary. He also spent several years with the highly-spiritual Yaqui Indians and an even-more special Native nurse-practitioner, Diana.

Charlie fought for the underdog in countless revolutions, until he found himself in the middle of the Great War in Europe. Only then did he see that the O’Brien inventions meant to improve the human condition were being used to kill and maim millions. Only then did he find out that the deal he made was too good to be true—Lord Wentworth WAS the devil incarnate, and Charlie was now Satan’s favorite lieutenant.

By 1917, Charlie wants out, no matter what the cost. The most highly-decorated soldier of the Allied Army deserts, seeking one thing – return to Sonora, to the haven created by the Yaqui mystics and the warmth of his old flame, Diana. The problem – the pilgrimage back home takes nearly a decade, blocked by Charlie’s getting involved with other revolutions, other downtrodden underdogs, and a one-way love affair with Wentworth’s daughter, a sweet socialite who wants to be a social revolutionary. The manhunt is vicious, Wentworth taking no prisoners, particularly when it comes to people Charlie gets close to. The final showdown comes when Wentworth manipulates the Mexican government to attack the defiant and undefeated Yaqui nation. The final showdown between Charlie and Wentworth takes place in the ‘huya aniya’, the Yaqui parallel universe ‘dream’ world which influences all human ‘reality’. The fate of the Yaqui people, the United States and Mexico depends on a surreal battle of wits and will between ultimate evil and the tenacity of the human spirit.

Comment: As reported by readers, something one comes back to again and again, one of the best of the lot without question. A simple story but with many layers to it, who seek adventure or to expand perspectives on their own lives. The Wild West for the thinking and feeling reader, made accessible to everyone from the inside AND the outside.

You can find this book on Amazon. For alternative arrangements for full reads, please contact the author at mjpolitis@yahoo.com or download the full version here