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Professor Jack
by M.J.Politis


Professor Jack—an old coot hiding out in the contemporary New Mexican desert-claims to be John F. Kennedy, kidnapped after a double was assassinated in 1963.  He remembers being given mind-altering drugs, facial surgery and an ultimatum---to NEVER enter ANY political area again, or harm will come to those closest to him.  He knows who did it, and they are in the highest positions of global power. 

Enter Harry D, burnt out 17 year old ‘punk’, semi-literate drifter on the run from the law after his cop-turned-mobster father frames him for murdering his mother.  Harry has a sister somewhere on skid row and a brother in a heavily armed mental institution.  Harry wants a re-union with his siblings and justice for his treacherous father. 

The mystically-clairvoyant Professor Jack offers to help Harry in his quest, but with one condition---that young Sir Harold be his star knight in a plan to infiltrate the highest positions of power and re-establish a Camelot dedicated to universal compassion and human freedom.  The time for this last-chance Revolution is now, and there is no turning back. 

But even if Professor Jack pulls off the greatest political comeback in history, it will cost him and his often-reluctant protégé their lives, sanity or both.  The cleverly-designed plot incubating in Professor Jack’s head takes the duo to Mexico, back to Arizona, then up to the Big Crap Apple (NYC).  Young ‘Sir Harry’ is fronted as the biggest political sensation in history, mobsters and government criminals at the highest level out to gun him down, as well as the elusive ex-President (or deluded wannabe who is not more dangerous than JFK ever was). 

Character-driven Quixotic political thriller.
You can find this book on Amazon. For more information, or access to the full novel, please email the author at mjpolitis@yahoo.com or download the full version here