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Healer of the Heart (Part 2) The Nature of Lying
by M.J.Politis

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The continuing saga of John Baldino, MD, Ph.D. and now an agent working with other officially-dead scientists to get the bottom of a suspicious epidemic of brain tumors on an isolated Apache Indian Reserve, specially chosen for his intellect, moral fiber and neurologically-verified ability to cross the life-death line.

According to the medical ‘experts’, the Soul-debilitating new disease is due to ingestion of an unknown type of peyote, used by members of a highly-secret Cult which has resurfaced after a century, along with its highly-clandestine Traditional Religion. 

John’s first assignment is to infiltrate Scientific Institutions he used to work with, undercover as a female reporter. But he finds his ‘feminine’ side becoming more and more real. His mind is visited by the ghost of a slain Apache girl, bringing both of them into the center of one of the most Powerful Cults known to Indians or Whites, and the middle of an internationally-orchestrated plot to rule the World in ways even he never thought possible. 

Comment: Gender-bender aspect of the novel has special appeal to gay/lesbian readers, or to those who wonder what it is like on the other side of the gender line. Metaphysical themes mixed with commentary on what science today is REALLY like from the inside.

Novel available on-line