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Healer of the Heart (Part 1) The Awakening
(Novel and Screenplay)

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Ghosts of Patients Past….A contemporary, character-driven medical thriller.

A dying physician-researcher (John Baldino, M.D., Ph.D.) on his first vacation in 20 years and his last month on earth, writes his memoirs about people/patients who made him the healer he is today. 
John is visited by special individuals from the land of the living, and the land of the dead, his worsening condition blurring the distinction between the two. And the lingering question…is he being watched? 

What Doctor John doesn’t know is that the recently diagnosed brain tumor that causes him to hallucinate is due to mind altering drugs given to him by terrorists, and that he is being carefully watched by the landlady of the beach-house, Kathy O’Brien, who winds up falling in love with him. She and her bosses want information about Doctor J’s innovative neuro-scientific research investigations, and the whereabouts of
his super-spy brother, presumed dead in the ‘places of change’ overseas. 

But Doctor John’s background, medical knowledge, and newly-uncovered ability to speak with the dead are also valuable to friends in his past who are ‘officially-dead’ scientists who now see that it is time to recruit the ‘stay at home’ Doc into their ranks. In the process of the good guys and bad guys figuring out who Doctor John is, he finds out who he really is, for the first time in his life. 

Medical experiences and poems based on the real-life experiences of Top Ten Outstanding Young American awardee, Richard G. Pellegrino, M.D., Ph.D., who shares authorship of ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Improving Your IQ” (Apple Books) with MJ Politis. 

Comment: A big hit with male readers over 40, and women who empathize with their fate. Anyone in the health or healing fields also relate to this work, a lot.

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