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Babylonian Retribution
(Novel and Screenplay)

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An introspective, intelligent, kind-hearted, but somewhat arrogant New York Times Journalist (Michael Craven) is on a long-needed vacation in the Middle East with his hot, young, optimistic Arkansas wife (Crystal). Aside from Michaelís reluctance to loosen up, itís a good time for the couple, until Crystal pulls her head-heavy new hubby into a street fair where he sees an ancient vest that he HAS to have with a design that looks familiar to his cynical eye. Its pocket soon contains a book deposited by an illusive street dancer about the legendary (and probably fictional) Ancient Civilization of Jenada.

According to legend, Jenada was a populated and protected by Pacifist-Scholars who kept Sacred Books of Wisdom alive for East and West, until they were tortured and killed by an infamous Mercenary General who was hired by several kingdoms to keep the experiment in learning to spread to the masses. Michael finds himself obsessed with finding the Ancient Caverns and the Sacred Books which, legend says, havenít been seen by human eyes in over 2,500 years. Feeling that he was there during the massacre, he becomes clairvoyant, mad and very adept at leading Crystal and his hired band of Outlaw Guides through every kind of obstacle Nature, man or ghost throw in their path. But upon arrival at the CavesÖthe prophesies promised are delivered in ways that NO one expects.

Comment: A one-character thriller with twists, friends revealed as foes, heroes with very dark and unsuspected ancient pasts. Mid range of appeal in terms of the titles.